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Six Wonderful Years At SJK(C) Sin Hua
作者姓名:Abigail Tsen May Jean   作者班级:6H
I am a year six student and T study at SJK(C) Sin Hua. I have spent six happy years here. It can be called as my second “home” because I spent half of my time here.
I can still recall the first time I stepped into SJK(C) Sin Hua.At that time, I was only seven years old so my mother had to accompany me. My first class was 1H. The class teacher was Madam Yap Yin Har. She’s plum and short and has a very serious-looking face. But she is a kind and loving teacher. Under her guidance my Chinese improved a lot. There are also two class monitors in my class. They are very responsible therefore everyone liked both of them.
The next two years passed quickly, that is when I was in Year Two and Year Three. When I was in Year Two, I was lazy to do my homework so my class teacher punished me. But as time passes, I began to realize my mistake and I improved myself. When I was in Year Three, there was an unforgettable incident. Once day, my class teacher-Madam Yap Lee Fong chose me to be trained as a prefect. But when the discipline teacher announced the names of the pupils who where to be prefect next year, my name wasn’t there. I was very disappointed.
The best time of my years at SJK(C) Sin Hua were when I was in Year Four and Five. I remember when I was in Year Four, the teacher was going to announce the results of our first term Exam. We held our breath and watched the teacher intensely. Imagine my surprise when I was announced as the second in the class. I could have jumped for joy. During these two years, I was closer to my classmates and got to know more about them. Also, I had started to take up the hobby reading. I always went to the library to borrow books during recess. That was the time, I felt fortunate for not being choosen as a prefect because a prefect has to be on duty during recess at certain days of a week.
This Year, I stepped into my last year and busiest year at SJK(C) Sin Hua. All the teacher and Year Six students were busy getting ready for the UPSR examination. There was no time for jokes and there were piled of homework and “never-ending”revision books to revise. But after the UPSR exam, we had time to relax and talk with each other.I felt sad as time is coming near for me to leave my beloved school, teachers, and friends.
Though I have went through many hard times, but with the encouragement of my elders and friends, all of them have been solved and it makes my life happier. With all my heart I want to say “Thank You, Sin Hua”.

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